pssst! wanna darktable package set for Solaris 11?

A few months ago I got Darktable built on my Solaris 11 Express system. Between then and now I was distracted by $DAYJOB (getting Solaris 11 ready for release seemed to take a few cycles ;->), so it wasn’t until last Friday night that I got around to trying the new version, 0.9.3.

Having learnt something from the previous effort, I used gcc 4.6 from the start, for all the prereqs and darktable itself. I want to make this available to others, too, so I’ve spent a few hours building IPS packages and getting things just right. They’re not _quite_ 100% yet, a few rough edges remain. However, I think they’re generally ready to offer up for feedback.

I’ve built them against Solaris 11 FCS on the x64 platform; they might work with OpenIndiana build 151 too.

You WILL need to add the SFE repo so you can get the GCC 4.6 runtime. To do this, utter

# pkg set-publisher -g sfe

Then download the gzipped p5p archive for Darktable 0.9.3, and utter

UPDATE: Shawn’s comment alerted me to a need to change the syntax here:

# gunzip /path/to/darktable-0.9.3.p5p.gz
# pkg install -g /path/to/darktable-0.9.3.p5p 'darktable*'

This will pull in the prereq packages that I’ve identified and should add the darktable elements to your system’s gconf schema.

Here is the content of the p5p archive:

$ pkg list -g /scratch/web/htdocs/Packages/darktable-0.9.3.p5p

darktable/darktable (JMCP) 0.9.3 i--
darktable/library/OpenEXR (JMCP) 1.7.0 i--
darktable/library/exiv2 (JMCP) 0.22 i--
darktable/library/flickcurl (JMCP) 1.22 i--
darktable/library/ilmbase (JMCP) 1.0.2 i--
darktable/library/lcms2 (JMCP) 2.3 i--
darktable/library/lensfun (JMCP) 0.2.5 i--
darktable/library/tiff4 (JMCP) 4.0.0 i--

Here’s the screenshot:

There were a few diffs required, you’ll find them in the Solaris_diffs files, or here for darktable 0.9.3, OpenEXR 1.7.0 and lensfun 0.2.5.

1 comment to pssst! wanna darktable package set for Solaris 11?

  • Shawn Walker

    Pretty sure you don’t want:

    pkg install -g /path/to/darktable-0.9.3.p5p ‘*’

    Instead, you really need:

    pkg install -g /path/to/darktable-0.9.3.p5p ‘darktable*’

    The ‘*’ in the first example matches all packages you can install, not just those in the archive.

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