The end of an era

Today marks the end of an era for us - as of this morning we’ve churned our landline from Internode across to Skymesh, so our connections to the world are all digital. I’ve unplugged the RJ-11 connectors for the POTS, removed the line filter, and have a shiny-ish ATA on the desk underneath the phone base station. When I was going through the signup process for our rather nice HFC connection, Internode was unable to confirm that we could keep our landline number when going VoIP.

Turning off comments

Late last week there was some idle chatter in an internal channel about blog software. Quite a few of my colleagues run their own websites, often using a Solaris 11.3 kernel zone. I mentioned the software that I’ve been using (well-known) and one particular colleague was aghast. He recommended that I investigate a static site generator, such as Jekyll or Hugo. I spent quite a few hours mucking around trying to get Jekyll to work - and I assume that if I hadn’t wanted to import my old site and have simple image galleries then it would have been find.

Weeeee – nbnco HFC and a new ISP!

A few weeks ago we received a nice little letter from nbnco, advising that we would soon be able to get an HFC connection installed. I was disappointed to discover that Internode was not going to offer either static IPv4 or an IPv6 service, let alone their Professional pack with NBN connections, and cast around for another ISP. Word of mouth got me to Skymesh and guineapig status (since they haven’t formally started accepting HFC connections).

Four years ago today….

… I wrote this: F.You blobby, she’s with us and in muchmuch better shape than back then.

Success: Mikrotik and IPv6 config

I recently took delivery of a Mikrotik Cloud Router Switch (CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN), purchased via their Australian distributor Duxtel – which happens to be a sponsor of SAGE-Au. I’d been thinking for while about putting my modem into pure bridge mode and using something smarter to do routing and firewall duties, and with the addition of some new networking kit to our home environment, now was the time to make it happen.

We’ve got a new pool

One of the features we looked for when we bought our house was an in-ground pool. As the kids have grown up and their confidence has increased, we’ve spent more and more time using the pool – last swimming season went from September 2014 to April 2015, with almost daily swims that stretched to being 2-3 hours long over the weekends in summer. One aspect of our pool that we really did not like was the slate tiles around the side.

A recipe for running your pkg.depotd(1) server with SSL and Apache 2.4

As part of my contribution to the darktable community, I provide the Solaris packages needed to run the application via a locally-hosted pkg repo. You can ‘pkg set-publisher -g JMCP’ and then install the bits very easily. What was a little non-obvious (to me at least) was how to get the pkg.depotd process to only listen on a secured port. If you look at the SMF properties for svc:/application/pkg/server, you will observe these two likely-looking candidates:

Darktable 1.6.8 for Solaris 11.3 (beta)

As promised, I’ve built the latest release of Darktable (1.6.8) for Solaris 11.3 Beta. You can get the release details at I’ve also (finally) set up my own pkg(5) server, so you can simply utter `As promised, I’ve built the latest release of Darktable (1.6.8) for Solaris 11.3 Beta. You can get the release details at I’ve also (finally) set up my own pkg(5) server, so you can simply utter

Always check your CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS

If you don’t, you will wind up not being able to run software on older cpus. I found this out last week while travelling – I’d walked around Alviso Slough for a few hours after arriving in the SF Bay area for a work trip, took a bunch of photos and wanted to process them on my laptop. Bzzzzzt, no can do – I’d built my Darktable 1.6.7 packages on my workstation which has an Intel Ivy Bridge quad-core i5 chip.

On domestic violence and one particular political response

Last week a facebook friend of mine mentioned to this article on our local Fairfax media outlet regarding domestic violence, which started with this sentence: Queensland’s Deputy Opposition Leader John Paul Langbroek has suggested an economic downturn could be causing a surge in domestic violence in the state. Firstly (to riff on a really old story which I heard when I was a child, but which turns out to have been a stolen phrase), my flabber has never been so gasted.