Personal flag day: Last day of Administration Leave

Today is my own personal flag day because it is now a month since I had my RIF chat. Part of the RIF process at Sun is that you are placed on administration leave for 30 days, in which time you can seek to be redeployed and thereby continue your employment.

The roles that I want within Sun are either not available any more (probably due to the RIF and associated re-orgs) or won’t be available for some time. And while I’m confident I can get a position within Sun again there’s no guarantee that I will. Some hotshot could waltz in with slightly better timing.


I’ve been working with some recruiters, doing a heap of personal networking and making use of some of the things I learnt at the outplacement course a few weeks ago. So I have a reasonable expectation that I’ll be earning a crust within a short period of time.

In the meantime my todo list is growing (in no particular order):

  • getting ONNV with hg figured out sufficiently that I could explain it to others

  • moving the i2c driver from $UTSBASE/sparc to $UTSBASE/common and

  • providing support for the SMBus on x86/x64

  • adding some dcmds to mdb to make it more like Solaris CAT

  • getting together a migration presentation for Solaris 10 and

  • putting a ZFS presentation – What’s in it for me?

Oh, and find time to play with Coder Cat... and be a husband too!