Rock boots!

Via various routes this morning I stumbled across Sun Boots Solaris 10 on “Rock” Sparc Processors. The authorised-to-talk-to-press folks who were quoted in the story said that they’d had the 1.0 taped-out version back from the fab for only 6 weeks before getting it to boot a Solaris 10 update release. That’s pretty darned fast, I reckon, and something the SPARC hardware bringup teams should be very proud of.Can’t wait to get one…many of these out in released products, they’re going to be a lot of fun.`Technorati`_ tags: topic:{Technorati}[Sun Microsystems], topic:{Technorati}[SPARC], topic:{Technorati}[UltraSPARC], topic:{Technorati}[UltraSPARC T1], topic:{Technorati}[UltraSPARC RK], topic:{Technorati}[Solaris], topic:{Technorati}[OpenSolaris]