Care for some Fire in your Tomatillo?

Wandering in to #opensolaris on this morning, DLG pointed me to two urls:


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This is great news, because this documentation is the sort of programmer’s reference manual which you need if you want to write a nexus driver for those chips. Now of course, these nexus drivers are already there in OpenSolaris, but they’re not there for OpenBSD. DLG has been corresponding with David Yen and Jonathan Schwartz for a number of months on getting this doco without strings (ie, no nda required), and I’m really happy that this has worked out.There’s nothing there yet for the Schizo chip, but I’m optimistic that this will turn up too, soon enough.`Technorati`_ tags: topic:{Technorati}[David Gwynne], topic:{Technorati}[OpenBSD], topic:{Technorati}[Fire ASIC], topic:{Technorati}[Tomatillo], topic:{Technorati}[Theo de Raadt], topic:{Technorati}[David Yen], topic:{Technorati}[Jonathan Schwartz], topic:{Technorati}[Sun Microelectronics], topic:{Technorati}[OpenSPARC], topic:{Technorati}[Sun Microsystems], topic:{Technorati}[nexus driver]