A good weekend around the house

We’ve had a kinda-hectic few weeks over the last month, with rellies visiting, events to attend, bbqs to host…. So it was really nice to be able to wander off to our local warehouse of all things home improvement (ok, Bunnings) and pick up a plant, a few 20kg bags of white stones, some sugar cane mulch, tomato seedlings, a 9L (2 Imperial gallons, of course) watering can, a cat flap and an angle grinder.Angle grinder? Yup, to excise a suitable piece of grille from the security screen on the back door so we could teach codercat about her new cat flap.The plant (something with purple flowers) went into the side garden bed and the bags of stones went along the ground there – made an immediate improvement to that side of the house.The sugar cane mulch went onto my little proto-vegie patch after I’d -installed the tomato seedlings, and it was really nice to be able to use the water from our tank to get everything watered in properly.Today, joy of joys, the water in the pool was finally warm enough that J and I were able to spend about an hour swimming around, enjoying a resort-like lifestyle. With the days getting longer and the heat + humdity increasing, I can see many hours being spent in the pool. When we were figuring out what features we wanted in a house, having a pool wasn’t #1 on the list, but I’m very very very very glad that our buyer’s agent found this place for us. It’s been a great choice.