Figured out why failed to boot properly

Regular readers (and planet-style aggregators) might have noticed that has been down for all of my trip to Beijing. I’d called J and asked her to tell me what was showing on the box’s console, but with a few dozen lines of SMF output all we could get was that svc:/system/filesystem/local:default failed. I really didn’t feel like trying to walk her through fixing it over the phone, so I got her to turn off the system instead.I could really have done with a remote console at that point but unfortunately the U20 and U20m2 don’t have a serial port header for me to connect to. Sigh.Turns out (on reviewing the logfiles) that I could have fixed this one myself if I’d bothered to pay attention on my pre-trip reboot! I was suffering from 6460985 mountall does not handle lofs from zfs filesystems properly, which is a duplicate of 6418732 add_install_client lofs mounts break boot. Most annoying and aggravating!A simple mountall this morning worked around those bugs, so now we’re back and I’m paying attention again. Next step is to upgrade to the next possible snv build I can get my hands on, but since I’m going to do a fresh install and re-whack my system config that’ll take a little while to get scheduled.Ciao!