We’ve started painting

One thing J and I promised ourselves was that we’d paint our home in whatever darned colours we chose. This weekend we put that promise to the test.

Back in March (I think… it was a while ago) we went to the Curious Mail’s HomeShow @ the RNA showgrounds and saw a bloke at a very simple stand (Colours for Queensland) offering advice on interior and exterior colour choices. Thought to ourselves “that’s a good idea” and grabbed his card. In April we got around to getting him out to our place to help us choose some colours to suit our tastes, and after spending about an hour with us he had enough info to suggest specific colours – even a shade of carpet and granite (mmmmmm granite benchtops….. later!).

First this we did on Saturday morning was make our way to the Temple of DIY and spend $mumblelots on paint and general paint-assistance stuff. Got some sample pots to start with (always a good idea, what if you really don’t like the colour after all?) and got to work.

In the smallest room in the house, of course.

Got it prepped, cleaned up, and then got stuck in. We were really pleased to see that the particular colours John had recommended worked very well.

We’ve been taking it slowly and trying to not screw up too much, and before we quit to go and watch Grey’s we had managed to clean and prep J’s study and give the skirting boards a good coat of primer.

Tomorrow we should be able to finish the room entirely – it’ll be a lot easier with more room to move, larger surfaces and no toilet basically blocking easy access to half the wall!