KCA2009 – earlybird registrations close in 1 week!

It’s only one week before the earlybird registration period for Kernel Conference Australia closes.

As a quick reminder, in addition to our excellent keynote speakers Jeff Bonwick, Bill Moore and Max Alt, here are the people who you’ll be able to meet, listen and learn from at KCA:

Presenter (affiliation)

Presentation title

Fernando Gont

Results of a Security Assessment of Common Implementation Strategies of the TCP and IP Protocol

Henning Brauer (OpenBSD)

Faster Packets: Performance Tuning in the OpenBSD Network Stack and PF

Gavin Maltby (Sun Microsystems)

Hardware & Software Fault Management Architecture

Pawel Dawidek (FreeBSD)

GEOM – The FreeBSD way of handling storage

John Sonnenschein (Sun Microsystems)

Driver and Filesystem Development with the Solaris and OpenSolaris DDI/DKI

David Gwynne (University of Queensland)

MCLGETI: Effective Network Livelock Mitigation and More

Cristina Cifuentes (Sun Microsystems)

Finding Bugs in Open Source Kernels Using Parfait

Sherry Moore (Sun Microsystems)

Fast reboot support (and more) for OpenSolaris

Max Bruning (Bruning Systems)

Porting USB HID Device Drivers Between Linux and OpenSolaris

James Morris (Red Hat)

Linux Kernel Security Overview

Percy Pari-Salas (Bond University)

Automated Testing of OpenSolaris

Vivek Joshi (Sun Microsystems)

Porting OpenSolaris across architectures

Jayakara Kini (Sun Microsystems)

Crossbow for OpenSolaris Developers

Garrett D’Amore (Sun Microsystems)

Boomer: the new OpenSolaris audio system

Pramod Batni (Sun Microsystems)

Debugging and Diagnosing Interesting Kernel Problems

Stewart Smith (Sun Microsystems)

(Ab)use the Kernel: what a database server can do to your kernel

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register!