Ch10 7PM Project – your privacy policy, Ts+Cs are rancid

I’ve been watching the 7pm Project on Channel 10, and I really wanted to send them some feedback on how they can make the show better. Chiefly, GET RID OF THE BLITTERING THAT BRACKETS A VIDEO GRAB.Unfortunately, you have to register with before you can do that. I was going to register, then I read the Terms and Conditions, and the Site Use Policy documents.

No way will I sign up to those Ts and Cs, they’re rancid:

  • When filling in the personal details section, age and gender are required.

    No option to provide this later if you want to access an age-specific or restricted section of or an affiliate.

  • 6.3 TEN may refuse your registration request for any reason, including if you attempt to associate the same email address with more than one membership (irrespective of whether an existing membership is inactive or has been deleted, locked or suspended).