Week one progress towards goal

Progress towards my 100km/week goal is good so far. Last week’s efforts included two spins around the Centenary Suburbs (14.0 and 18.8km), a long hard slog up the back road of Mt Coottha with Tim (39.5km) and a 47.2km trip to Kangaroo Point – all for a total of 119.5km. Score!

Took me most of 40 minutes to climb up Mt Coottha, unfortunately, so I think next time Tim and I ride it (we’re hoping to do that every Friday) we might just go up the front way. Apparently it’s a tad easier. We’ll just have to see.

The Kangaroo Point jaunt was quite nice. We caught up with several bunches of roadies along the way, tagged along with them for a while and then split off. It was quite interesting – different dynamics entirely.

On a “oh my ego is bruised” note, I’m starting to think that while my Double Happys are excellent for off-road, they seem to want to ride up the thigh when I’m doing a long road stretch. I might have to get some lycra roadie nicks.