Less than a week before the 100km Brisbane->GC ride

Soooo... last week was horrendous – absolutely no riding done, and I only managed a shade under 70km for the week before that (week 2). Work really kept me busy, with several 6am concalls and a bunch of concalls at other times too.

So I took last Thursday and Friday off and hoped to get off my backside and ride both days. That didn’t happen – had to do a build respin on the Thursday (lost half the day so only got the back yard tidied up), and on the Friday I cleaned up my disc brake pads (wet-n-dry sandpaper, rinse with metho) and discovered that the problem is actually my rotors.

One’s got a large wobble in it, the other is totally dishlike.

’ll have to replace them, but they’ll keep going for a while yet. I did manage to order some Supersonics from Ground Effect and picked up some spare skinny tubes for next Sunday’s ride, but that was it until today because yesterday’s 35C temp got in the way of doing pretty much everything except having a dip in the pool.

So I rode off to Cafe Sul Ponto – the coffee cart on the Goodwill Bridge.

Had to stop for a few minutes and adjust my brake calipers (too loose!), but still managed to get there by 09:02. Good coffee, excellent conversation with the bloke who runs it, then I thought I’d wander back via the Kurilpa Bridge which opened today.

Sadly, I got there too early to ride over, so I had to dismount and walk through the launch party site instead. Kinda disappointing, really.

Anyway, 42.1km today at average of 20.6km/h, which I’m pleased with. Still not quite sure how Sportstracker reckons I hit 74.1km/h coming home (that’s the drop from Fig Tree Pocket to the bridge over the Centenary Highway, btw).

I have three goals for this week: (1) ride up Arrabri Ave from the southern end – it’s always beaten me up until now, that’s going to stop! (2) ride up Mt Ommaney Drive from the southern end – only climbed it from the south once, it’s time to do it again, and (3) ride at least 15km every day with a 50k effort on Saturday. Should be doable. We’ll see!