1st week of making the km target

I did a 57km ride today, with Chip, Tim, Ingrid and Elspeth. Took a bit longer than I wanted – made some wrong turns trying to remember the route we took on Australia Day, but we got there in the end.

Managed to sustain a decent pace (about 35km/h by the handlebar computer) along Brisbane Corso, and really enjoyed the espresso (Guatamalan single orchard) from Cup on Russell St in West End. Really enjoyed it.

The new year goal was to be riding at least 70km every week, and this week (Sunday to Saturday) I’ve actually managed it. Tuesday was the day my tyre blew out, so that was a bare 6.5km (half was walking home), then Wednesday 20.24, Thursday 23.55, Friday 17.03 and today 57.17. Total: 124.49km.

I’m expecting that to radically improve starting in about a week, because Elissa got a job based in West End and is planning to ride to and from several days every week, and asked whether I’d like to join her. Of course I would! Every day I do one of those will be at least 36km, possibly even 40. Should be able to get my stamina up very quickly as a result.

Then there’s the small matter of the Coottha Challenge, but now Tim has his bike back from the fixitman, that shouldn’t be such of a problem to get out and train for. I hope!