First flowers on the coffee hedge

About two years ago, J’s mum gave me 5 coffee plants. We put two at the front:


and the rest along the side in the back yard. We’re not sure what species they are, but they’ve certainly produced decent coffee up in Gladstone. My long term cunning plan is to replace the mock orange hedge with these coffee plants. I know it will take a while, but we’re not moving!

I was really pleased to notice that the larger of the two has started to show a few flowers:


I’m hopeful that all these buds will turn into flowers too:


They will take quite a while to ripen (seven to nine months in ideal growing regions, according to Wikipedia) so who knows how long they’ll take in Brisbane. Anyway, at least I’ve got something growing. Could be another year before those two plants are big enough to justify chopping out anything else, so that gives me an idea about how long it’ll be before I can replace that mock orange entirely.