Renovation progress, day 1

When we purchased our home, we knew that the previous owners had turned a lot of the second garage space into a room that joined on to the laundry, making up a home-based hair salon:

The hair salon

The door at the rear lead through into the rest of the garage space, but wasted about 1.6m between the wall and the garage door. We, being more focused on getting J pregnant, and then figuring out this parent caper, didn’t do anything about it until November last year when J started ringing around to get quotes from builders. We got three builders out to inspect, but only two quotes… and chose one.

The January 2011 floods put a kink in our plans, but yesterday morning the window was delivered, then in the afternoon the timber, gyprock and linea board was delivered. This morning, bright and early, our builder Dan turned up and started work.

Here are a few photos from day 1: