It’s only taken us 4 and a quarter years….

On Friday we finally bit the bullet a bought a new set of saucepans. Our local Matchbox franchise at Mt Ommaney is taking part in the current catalogue Scanpan special – a 10 piece set for $499 (rrp $999), and it’s all shiny steel with correctly-proportioned bases and pyrex lids. Wibble!

I’ve been wanting to update our set for years, since it was J’s set when she left home, and they haven’t really kept pace with our needs since the kids came along.

I unboxed and washed everything yesterday, but it wasn’t until today that we had the cycles to rearrange cupboards to fit everything in. Of course, when we looked at what we had and where it was, ’twas a fantasticly awful mess. So, once we started it very quickly became a case of “just one more shelf, then we’ll put the pots away” … and then 2 hours later we had our cupboards organised.

It’s something we should have done when we moved in here four and a quarter years ago (to the day, would you believe), but since we were focused on IVF from the day after we moved in we’ve made do with a jumble of randomness.

It’s a homely feeling of satisfaction to get done, and a little bit jarring when I was cooking dinner tonight – I didn’t have to rummage around in the plastics cupboard to find the bits I needed. I’m sure I’ll get used to it in a day or three.