I’m not Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

..... although like Arthur[1], I do now have a shed.

J ordered a garden shed from cheapsheds.com.au in November; it arrived after my fortnight off in November so I didn’t get it constructed and installed until today. I managed to get the paving done during my holiday (paver 2nds from Centenary Landscaping just up the road were $18/sqm, rather than Bunnings’ $4 per paver, and sand at $4/40kg), then it was just a matter of finding a few spare hours when we didn’t have pre-Christmas stuff. That turned out to be today


My mate Leighton was able to come over and help, so from start to finish the shed assembly took a little under 4 hours. Definitely a two-man operation, especially when putting the panels together, there were a few tiny holes to line up in sheet metal when screwing the corners together. His extra height (10cm) helped with the screws from the roof into the top of the sides, too. I would have needed a ladder.

This is the back panel:

Shed back panel assembled