Six minutes off!

After a few weeks not doing much on the bike (and once again missing a Saturday a.m. ride due to ESCREAMINGCHILD resulting in terrible sleep), I was determined that today I would do my regular 40km city ride, and do it no slower than the previous time of 1h47m48s. That previous time was one month ago, so I had a bit of work to do.

Starting earlier (0535 vs 0720) made a distinct difference to the temperature, and just trying to keep the same pace overall was a decent way to keep on track. At the 30 minute mark I’d done 11.6km, so I knew I was doing ok. A little disappointed to get to 20.1km (The Ship In) and find that I’d taken 48m18s, but resolved to make it up on the way home.

I managed to get home in 53m3s, for a total of 1h41m21s. The previous ride was 50m12s+57m30s, so I’m really really happy with this morning’s performance.

Here’s the comparison: