Mt Ommaney Dr x2 this morning

I really need to extend myself with climbing, not least because Coottha is coming up in less than three weeks. Yesterday’s 49.2k was great (usual 40k route + an 8k loop of South Brisbane/West End including climbing Dornoch Tce), but I need more than that.

This morning I did my usual loop around the ‘burbs, but did a double of Mt Ommaney Dr:


Altitude (m)

Cumulative Distance

Cumulative Time



33m 03s



33m 35s

64 (summit)


34m 55s



36m 47s



39m 59s

64 (summit)


41m 35s

As you can see, it’s a pretty pitiful “mountain”, but it’s the best I’ve got unless I go up Coottha. That’s what I’m planning on doing this weekend, following the way that the Challenge goes, so I should have a semi-reasonable idea of how slow I’ll be. As long as I can get up that short (2.4km) timed part in less than 20 minutes (my previous time for that section) I’ll be very happy.

I was pleased that by the time I got home I’d maintained at least 23km/h (I actually hit 23.00km at the 1 hour mark), and my average + max heart rates were down slightly on my previous ‘burbs ride. More work to do, of course, and I have to cement this early a.m. riding thing into a life habit, so it’s nice to be able to track my performance and see how I’m going so easily.