Hey Medicare, what’s going on?

We’re very grateful that we have the Medicare Safety Net available to us; I’ve mentioned the Safety Net previously, and complained about the bureacracy involved. Here’s another annoyance with the bureacracy:

J and I have a shared card which also lists C and A. Pretty normal. J is person #1 on the card, I’m person #2.

Guess what should arrive in today’s post: not one, but two letters addressed TO ME: * Medicare Safety Net – your family could be entitled to higher Medicare benefits*.

Somehow they’ve got me as the Family Contact person, rather than J; rather strange, not least because it’s J who tends to do our interaction with Medicare.

Two A5-sized forms were included (one in each letter), which I have to write on and take to our local Medicare office. I checked, and I cannot provide this information via their website. I can do a bunch of other data provision tasks via their website, why not this?