2nd-best supported platform

From last night’s conversation in #darktable:

Apr 17 03:38:27 <pmjdebruijn> it’s good to be able to support a platform out of the box, no patches required Apr 17 03:40:09 <dumbbell> I agree

Apr 17 03:48:04 <pmjdebruijn> it’s funny Apr 17 03:48:20 <pmjdebruijn> it seems Solaris is our second best supported platform at the moment due to McBofh’s great work

Apr 17 03:48:37 <pmjdebruijn> i’m glad freebsd is up to there too now Apr 17 03:52:41 <dumbbell> I’m glad too

And it’s great to find Open-Source advanced softwares like darktabke; I don’t want to reboot under Windows for any non-game-related activities

I’d go a bit further than <dumbbell> – I don’t want to boot into Windows for anything if I can avoid it.

Update: The underlying reason why it’s so easy for me to get Darktableto run on Solaris is because the codebase is very portable. I don’t like the style that it’s written in (understandable when you consider that I breathe the Solaris ON C style guide), but that’s irrelevant. I’ve needed to make very few changes – a total of 24 lines – to get it to build on Solaris, and most of those were to provide subtly different #pragma invocations for OpenMP.

Also, once you’ve got a build and packaging system figured out, it’s pretty easy to crank the handle and turn out a new build.