Sunday p.m. update on J

She had a much better afternoon than morning – not only managed to keep food down, but was feeling better within herself, too.

The neurosurgeon has handed her off to the neurologist as primary physician because there’s nothing surgical that needs happening as far as he can determine. This is good news in itself – the more I’ve learnt about the side-effects of headcracking surgery, the less I like it. A piece of good meta-information is that the swelling is showing that the radiation in February is doing its job. It’s just being a real bitch about showing it.

In terms of coming home, since the Epilem takes up to 5 days to start doing its thing, she’s hoping that there’ll be sufficient improvement in her symptoms to be able to come home on Wednesday. We have our fingers/toes/knees/etc crossed that this happens.

On my side of the fence, I’ve managed to keep the kids fed without resorting to takeaways, they’re sleeping reasonably well and not playing up too badly. Thanks to Tim and Sarah yesterday I was able to get the lawn mowed and the driveway swept. Rachel took care of them for a few hours on Friday so I could have a nap, and my mum is coming tomorrow and Tuesday which will be a great help. Thankyou to everybody who has offered to help – pretty sure we will be taking you up on those offers over the next few weeks! I’ve also got the kids booked in to daycare for Thursday/Friday starting this week; not sure how we’ll need to keep that up, but it will keep going for as long as J needs it.