Things are starting to look positive

I just got off the phone with J, and she’s feeling chirpy. The u-shaped pillow I took her last night helped give her a comfortable night’s sleep, and she hasn’t vomited at all so far today. She’s alert and while the dizziness is still there, she doesn’t feel as if moving her head will definitely result in a big chuck.

It might not sound like much, but this is a definite improvement – I think she’s turned a corner. Even though she still won’t be able to come home for at least a few days, I do think it will only be a few days more, not a whole darned month as previously feared.

When I took the kids and my Mum in to visit her last night we were delighted to see two “Lollypotz” that one of J’s facebook friends (you know who you are :>) had sent for A and C. Thankyou! They loved the dinosaurs and let’s just say that the chocolates are being rationed carefully to maximise enjoyment!

I could hear that she was smiling while I was talking to her, and that’s put a smile on my face too.