Sunday evening update: J won’t be home in a hurry

I was in the middle of composing this last night when C woke up crying after a bad dream. She’d possibly just overheated – new flanny PJs.

Sunday morning revealed a slightly better night – not only did I get to bed earlier, but A was only awake and unsettled for 1h30 (and only screaming for about an hour of that). I eventually brought him into bed and he fell asleep again. C’s been sleeping in our bed for the last few nights – seems to help provide some stability for her, and we all woke up around 8am.

When we eventually got to J’s room in the afternoon, the ENT surgeon was doing his rounds and showed her the test for BPV. It was pretty easy to tell that she doesn’t have it – for which I think I’m grateful, even though that means her doctors still don’t really know what the heck is going on with her. It appears that the MRI done nearly 2 weeks ago wasn’t quite fine-grained enough to show the detail that the specialists want, so she might need another one. There have also been some questions about whether an MRI can show if the tissue around the tumour is necrotic; she might need a PET scan for that. We don’t know just, we’ll have to wait and see. Ugh.

J’s mum arrived while we were looking at the fishes at the ward entrance; both A and C were really happy to see her and we had to shush them since it was still just before the ward’s visiting hours. Walking back to her room was tiring, again, and reinforced that she really isn’t well enough to come home yet. Then while J was recovering on her bed, YT turned up for a visit with her two kids (about C and A’s ages) – it was a very joyful and thus very, very loud. That tired J out even more.

Last night C had nightmares, A was awake for about an hour and a half; it took him close to that time before he calmed down enough to snuggle up into a ball on my chest/neck. Sigh.

This morning J sounded happier, she was able to shower herself without needing the anti-nausea drug first, and when I rang she was typing a blog post on her laptop. [She doesn't have an internet connection yet - too far from the wireless AP in the hospital, and only 1 bar of signal strength on the vodafail 3g dongle]. However, she still needs to be able to cope with moving her head quickly to track the kids’ movements, needs to be able to cope with their energy levels, and I just don’t see that happening until she’s had a few whole good days (ie, morning + afternoon + evening) strung together.