Today I brought her home

We’ve had a very relaxed day and enjoyed homemade pizza for dinner. It’s scary just how much muscle tone she’s lost after 17 days in hospital; I don’t know how long it’ll take to get that back but hopefully our stairs will help. The kids are very, very glad to have mum home. I’m pretty darned happy to have J home too.

While she’s going to be fatigued for quite a while, I think (and hope) she will improve faster than she was doing in hospital – being able to get fresh air and have home cooking should help.

She’ll go back to see the neurologist in a fortnight, and will get another MRI around then too. Medication-wise she’ll be carefully dropping down her doses over the next month. Reading through the radiologist’s report from the most recent scan, there was significant oedema around the tumour, it appears to have swollen somewhat (5-10% in volume, a bit difficult to determine), and also appears to have started pressing on one of her ventricles. No wonder she wasn’t feeling well

I’m just glad she’s well enough to get out of hospital and come home. The optic nerve inflammation appears to have gone though there’s still some nystagmus going on, and while she’s still a bit dizzy, it’s not close to the level it was at pre-admission. At least now she’s home we can establish some sort of normal-for-us and work on improving things like quality of life. I recall, too, that she finds baking therapeutic.