And it’s pushed!

As noted previously, I’ve spent some relaxation time recently working on fixing up the speed of tag suggestion generation in Darktable.

I’m really pleased to note that my changeset was pushed to master yesterday. You can view the gory details here, bearing in mind that the line breaks in my commit message didn’t quite make it in


For the record, here they are:

  • Improve tag suggestion query speed Remove erroneous comparison from dt_tag_get_suggestions Remove darktable|* tags from tag suggestion list

  • Add hints for cmake to find FlickCURL and LCMS2

  • Updates to Solaris11 packaging: -- Added build_ips script for Solaris 11 -- Genericised the IPS manifest -- Updated the IPS manifest to reflect changes in delivered files -- Fixed some typos in the IPS manifest

  • Fixed the MAKE assignment in so it works properly

If you’d like a copy fresh-off-the-git-master, please grab Darktable.60eaaada709da3a.p5p.gz and let me know how you go.