The end of an era

Today marks the end of an era for us - as of this morning we've churned our landline from Internode across to Skymesh, so our connections to the world are all digital. I've unplugged the RJ-11 connectors for the POTS, removed the line filter, and have a shiny-ish ATA on the desk underneath the phone base station.

When I was going through the signup process for our rather nice HFC connection, Internode was unable to confirm that we could keep our landline number when going VoIP. I was sad about it, but not too sad - we would have gotten a new, unlisted number instead. The brief flirtation with MyRepublic also saw the prospect of a new number and I was fully expecting Skymesh to say the same thing. However, when I received the notification from their systems on Monday, I was delighted to see that we've kept our number. {That's made a few family members happy as well!}.