Oracle Instant Client v12.2 for Solaris now available via IPS

A little over two years ago I wrote that the Oracle Instant Client v12.1 was now available in IPS format from so it was a very simple matter to utter

# pkg install *instantclient*

and you would get the Instant Client packages installed (with a correct RPATH, too).

The Database group released v12.2 a few months ago, and after a delay caused by the significant reorganisation of the Systems division, I am really pleased to announce that we have that version packaged in IPS format as well.

We've made a few changes to the package naming, so that you can install both 12.1 and 12.2 on your system at the same time. There's also a mediator so that /usr/bin/sqlplus will point to the preferred version. To install this new version via IPS, you do need to have access to the Solaris 11 Support Repository. (Visit to get started).

root@burn11x:~# pkg install -nv *instantclient*
           Packages to install:       9
           Mediators to change:       1
     Estimated space available: 8.50 GB
Estimated space to be consumed: 1.75 GB
       Create boot environment:      No
Create backup boot environment:      No
          Rebuild boot archive:      No

Changed mediators:
  mediator instantclient:
           version: None -> 12.2 (vendor default)

Changed packages:
    None ->,5.11-4:20171026T193617Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171027T004528Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171026T193622Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171027T004524Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171026T193618Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171027T004526Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171026T193619Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171027T004538Z
    None ->,5.11-4:20171026T194032Z

If you had the 12.1 packages installed already, then a pkg update would get you the renamed packages (database/oracle/instantclient-121).