Queensland's 2011 floods

It's now ten years since we experienced the Queensland floods of December 2010-January 2011 . I took quite a few photos around the Centenary Suburbs and put some of them into a twitter thread last week. I've put those and many more together into an album for the record.

For our part, we got off lightly. The waters came to within about 1km of our home, and while Energex shut down the West Darra substation at 1pm on the day the waters rose on our part of the river, power was back on again 24 hours later. J was pregnant with #Child2 so the lack of air movement during an incredibly hot and humid night was very draining. But that was it for us. Many people were a lot more affected; the Mud Army helped with cleanup and it was heartbreaking to see just how many homes were damaged.