Why is it good to videotape Australian Idol?

Recently, J and I have taken to videotaping Australian Idol. After getting back from Chip and Ingrid’s wedding in Brisbane, we watched Sunday night’s ep on Monday evening.Or at least, we watched most of it. We fast forwarded all the bits where Marcia Hines was being everybody’s friend and displaying her rapidly decreasing musical credibility.The comment and criticism that Mark Holden and Kyle Sandilands (and even Dicko in previous years) give to the contestants is almost always thoughtful, genuine and intended to help.Marcia on the other hand …. can’t stfu and let the other judges do their jobs.Which means that the best new bit in this year’s competition is the “199-Judge” SMS feedback. Unfortunately none of my comments have been read out so far.I’ll be really happy if Marcia is not asked to return for next year. The show is better off without her.