WTF is going on with Debian?

I read in OSNews and InternetNews that the logo for Mozilla Firefox is causing problems for Debian.The central problem is apparently that because the logo is trademarked, therefore the Debian Free Software Guidelines don’t allow the product’s inclusion in a Debian release.Of course, this is the pot calling the kettle black, given that “Debian” itself is trademarked.To my way of thinking this is taking the FSF’s “owning anything, particularly software, is eeeeeeevil and must be stamped out” attitude to its logical and completely stupid end point. This whole case is as stupid as the allegations (disproved and denied, fortunately!) that documents which used GPL’d fonts would themselves be GPL’d.I cannot understand why there is such antagonism towards those who would like due recognition of their work. The way that civilisation has developed to this point, the trade mark, registered mark and copyright concepts are the accepted methods of achieving said recognition. Rather than rail against this system (which does, admittedly, have its flaws) taking ones marbles and going off in a huff, how about trying to make the existing system better or more aligned with your beliefs?What this all means, for me, that Debian as a linux distribution is dead.