Been a bit wet

Yesterday we finally got our act together to connect our 4KL water tank to the Onga TF30 pump that was delivered last week. Courtesy of come connectors and 20m of 3/4″ polypipe from TradeLink, as well as another 3m of polypipe from Bunnings we managed to bring the level up by about half of what we needed in around an hour. Not a spectacular fill rate, but not too bad either.And of course it started raining about half an hour after we turned off the pump at 1pm…. the rain is still going, tank is now more than half full again, and Archerfield AWS has had 32++mm since 0900 yesterday morning.It’s certainly not the drought-breaking rain we need, but it’s been long and steady and gentle so with any luck if the predicted heavy falls happen on Wednesday then that rain at least should go into the dams.W000t!**Update, 10am**: the pool is now more full than when we took possession of the property at the start of July – the rainfall since 1pm is now more than 3.5cm. We might even have to let some out at this rate!