Congratulations Roland

A long-running project under the leadership of Roland Mainz in the OpenSolaris community has been the integration of ksh93 into the ON consolidation. I’m ecstatic to note that (courtesy of April) this project was putback into snv_72 on the weekend. (The logfile should be here in a few days). April sent a flag day message about it. With the integration, this marks the closure of phase #1 for ksh93 integration as covered by`Korn Shell 93 Integration – PSARC/2006/550`_/etc/ksh.kshrc for ksh93 – PSARC/2006/587 and`ksh93 Amendments – PSARC/2007/035`_Roll on phase 2!`Technorati`_ tags: topic:{Technorati}[ksh93], topic:{Technorati}[Roland Mainz], topic:{Technorati}[OpenSolaris], topic:{Technorati}[PSARC]