A blokey thing to do….

… is to mow the lawn.When we moved down to Sydney in 1998, our unit had a few square metres of grass out the front, so we had to get a mower. Now when I say “a few square metres” I’m talking perhaps 4. Not quite big enough to justify getting a petrol-powered mower, so we got a push mower where the human supplies the power to the blades. That sort of thing works ok as long as you don’t have stringy grass or grass that’s basically all runners. Of course, here in Brisbane that’s exactly the sort of grass that what we laughably call our lawn has.I was mowing on Sunday morning and got jack of it – just not able to get the mower to actually cut the grass. Petrol-powered mower here I come!When I was much, much younger my dad had a Rover with a Briggs & Stratton engine. Pretty much the same models are still available today, so I got one too. Looked at the 2stroke engines and realised that I just couldn’t be bothered remembering to mix oil in with the fuel, so I paid the extra dough to get the 4stroke.Finally got it all put together, oiled up, fueled up… and proceeded to mow. It was actually quite rewarding to mow the lawn. Don’t tell J about it though, that’ll just encourage her .. image:: /images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

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