Photos from The Scott 24hr MTB Championship

Last weekend J and I flew down to Canberra to provide support for Spoonboy in the Scott 24Hr MTB Championship. Not sure that we did such a good job, but I think we improved on our efforts at Easter.The Mt Stromlo course is massive – each lap was at least 10km – and there were about 2500 riders in teams and as soloists. Huge, I tells ya!I didn’t manage to take quite as many photos as I had hoped, and every now and again I’d catch sight of the official race photographers Sportograf who’d sent out 5? professionals to photograph absolutely every competitor. Even their sample photos are fantastic, and definitely give me something to work towards in terms of composition and technical considerations.My little album is here, and when I get back from Beijing in a few weeks I’ll think about putting up all the other shots too even though they pale into insignificance when you look at those from Sportograf (sob!).While we ended up being incredibly tired, it was a kinda-sorta fun weekend. Not sure how many of these I can do though – very very draining.Thankyou to CORC for putting on a great event, and thankyou to all the participants and their supporters for being so wonderfully supportive, welcoming and a pleasure to hang out with.Thankyou also to KHS Bicycles and Pat, who provided the tent which we based ourselves in`Technorati`_tags: topic:{Technorati}[Mountain bike], topic:{Technorati}[CORC], topic:{Technorati}[Canberra Off Road Cyclists], topic:{Technorati}[Scott 24Hr], topic:{Technorati}[Spoonboy], topic:{Technorati}[Sportograf], topic:{Technorati}[Mt Stromlo], topic:{Technorati}[Stromlo Forest Park], topic:{Technorati}[KHS Bicycles]