Chip has started roasting his own

Last week, iirc, Chipdancer took delivery of a coffee roasting unit. Shipped from Taiwan and he got a good price…. but of course, being a coffee nut, that’s just encouraged him to order more beans. (He ordered mundo kgs today).I went round for a triple shot on Tuesday morning, and experienced some of his first batch at 36 hours post-roast. It was quite bitter, but not sour, and most definitely not rubbery. I know that’s a strange term to use for coffee, but it did seem the most appropriate term to describe the commerically roasted and somewhat older beans we tried for a followup doubleshot.I’m really keen to see him keep track of his bean origins, what program settings he’s using on the roaster, and tasting notes. I reckon it’ll be a good thing to do, especially since coffee really seems to be what makes him tick these days.(I’m really keen to get some of J’s mother’s Central Qld coffee done in Chip’s roaster and then properly ground and espressed. That would be a very good thing!)Oi! Chip! Hurry up and get some notes on your blog ya slacker!