These shoes were made for riding

Over the last few weeks when J and I have been cycling along the bikepath I’ve gotten to thinking that it would be really nice to make use of the Shimano SPD cleats that are on the other side of my SPD-M324 pedals.During the week I rocked up to the LBSG (that’s “local bike shop guy” thankyou Spoonboy) in the shop at 80 Albert St under the Sun office and got me a pair of these: .. image::

Aka Shimano SH-M122P. Not too fussed about the pearly-whiteness, but it’ll do. Made sure I got them adjusted for my gait etc, and spent a few minutes on Tuesday evening figuring out how to clip in and out, so on Wednesday I was all set ready to go.Managed to get myself out for a quick (12-14min) 4.5-5km circuit around the local area every morning this week, which I’m really happy about. Might not get going tomorrow until much later, but I’ll definitely do it. The muscles just above my knees are telling me lots of things now, and I just hope that persistence in keeping on with the training rides will eventually pay off.Come to think of it, J and I still haven’t been to Brisbane Forest Park, but perhaps we might make it there this weekend. Really gotta get ourselves off the pavement and onto something less regular.