It’s amazing what WD40 and wiggling can do

My last post mentioned that there were some problems with the components on the roadsteed, and I was actually quite down about it all. Couple that with some uncertainty about work (an early-a.m. email from my boss on Saturday asking for a 1:1 call on Tuesday…. along with the juggernaut which is Oracle’s takeover of Sun, and you can understand why I was actually unkeen to get on a bike at all for the last 5 days.

But this morning I’d arranged to ride around the local area with Tim, so I hopped on the dirtsteed – still with knobblies and a seat-post adjusted properly for off-road riding – and went for a spin. Wasn’t too impressed, really – 16km at an average of about 19.5km/h. I certainly noticed the difference in gearing – spinning along in 2f/6r, still with plenty of get up and go left in me.

By the time we got to the end of Westlake Drive, however, my knees were really letting me know that there’d be no Arrabri Ave this morning – and we headed back.

And so this afternoon I popped over to Chapel Hill to visit Scott’s mate Rohan – keen cyclist (road and mountain), and very good with maintenance.

I wasn’t holding out much hope that he could fix the shifters for me, but amazingly enough, after he and Scott had taken the cover off and given them a drenching of WD40 (with the appropriate amount of wiggling) the darned things worked again! Not just the right (cassette) shifter, but also the left (chainring)! Amazing! Joy! D0000000000D!

Rohan also adjusted the rear derailleur a lot better than I had, and the cables. End result is that there’s no rear wheel knocking, I can shift easily (and into the top chain ring), and the brakes are easier to apply as well. I still need to replace the cables (and probably the brake pads too), but that’s something I can do myself over the next few days. I also need to get the wheels trued, but Rohan and Scott have a mate who can help me with that

Net result, so far – no need to go and spend $lots on a new pair of shifters. And Happy.

I’m going to have to do a few rides with Rohan and Scott in the mornings, too – they do a regular 35km river loop around from The Regatta at Toowong to St Lucia, Highgate Hill, West End (quick stop for coffee) and back along the Coro Drive bike path. I like the sound of that, and when I’m a bit fitter+faster I’ll try to ride to The Regatta rather than wimping out and driving.