Outer chainring, w00t!

Went for a spin with Elissa this morning, on a very nicely fixed road bike. Got into the outer chainring with ease, even though the shifter seems to be a 3speed jobbie, and cruised along quite nicely. We stopped for a coffee at Josh’s place, Cup on Russell St in West End. His roaster arrived during the week, so I think now he’s all set up.

Had an espresso of his current Nicaraguan roast (he does single-origin) – seemed a lot heavier in texture to the Guatamalan I had last weekend. But it was still a very, very nice coffee – and nicer with some milk in it. I think I’m going to have to get a bag or two from him in the future, because (a) it’s good stuff, and (b) a roaster who gets it right (like Josh does) most definitely deserves my custom!

Once Elissa’s settled into her new job (on Montague St) she’s planning to ride to and from 3 or perhaps 4 days a week – and I’m hoping to go along for the rides with her. A 40ish km round trip 3 days a week will be a very nice thing to have under my belt, especially if I can grab a coffee at Josh’s place once a week as a treat. So, all in all a successful Saturday. I’m looking forward to more like it.