Happy to knock a minute off

Last weekened I did a 40k ride into town and back. Rather than stopping for coffee at Cup in West End as I frequently do when riding with friends, I thought I’d see how I went without any more stops than required for traffic lights and intersections.

I did almost the same ride again today (less 80m), and was interested to see that I was faster over that distance by about 100 seconds. Also, while my pace was better (22.4 vs 22.1 km/h), I burned fewer calories.

For a giggle, I looked at the last 4 rides I did along that course, where I’d ridden more than 40km, and then the last 4 rides I’d done over that course with at least 39 km. That covers 7 weeks or so, from 1st December. I’m intrigued to see that while my average pace has improved a little (19.5 to 22.4), my calorie count has decreased. I don’t feel like I’m more fit, and my weight is still fluctuating between 87.5 and 88.5kg on a daily basis. I still need to move more (note to self, GET ON THE TRAINER DURING THE WEEK), and I am trying to eat less.