Monday a.m. update on J

She’s not much better, sadly. She had about 8 hours’ sleep (6, wakefulness, 2) until 5am, then was vomiting for about 3 hours. She still can’t move her head without feeling dizzy and nauseous, but she does think her eyesight has improved slightly. I’m hoping that’s an indicator that the swelling is starting to decrease, and therefore the optic nerve irritation is ever so gradually subsiding.

I’m still hopeful that she can come home on Wednesday (ANZAC Day), but that’s not based on any understanding of what’s really going on – just hoping that the drugs start working better by then.

I was going to be going to an internal conference at Redwood Shores and have a week of working with the rest of my group in Santa Clara in the second and third weeks of May, but that trip isn’t going to happen now. Even assuming that she’s released on Wednesday, she’s still going to need my support, and the kids will need me too.

My mum is here today and tomorrow, ANZAC Day is covered, and then the kids are at daycare for Thursday and Friday. Somehow, we’ll get through. I will be calling on pretty much everybody who’s offered help, too – for which a very very big thankyou in advance.