Tuesday a.m. update on J: a slight improvement

J sounded quite chirpy when I rang this morning. She was moved to a private room down the other end of the ward, so there’s no passing traffic and no noise from the lifts. A different neurologist came past yesterday evening (I assume he’s part of a cooperative group with her actual neurologist, sharing rounds and weekends etc). He suggested that she sleep as upright as possible, because with the tumour towards the back of the cranium, CSF somewhat settles downwards when you sleep. This increases pressure on the tumour and since blobby is being obnoxious, that extra pressure is …. let’s just put it in the “definitely unhelpful” category.

So she did that, and even though she still can’t move her head in the morning (to avoid massive dizziness from the nystagmus) by 9am this morning she’d only vomited once. AWESOME!

Her eyesight continues to make gradual improvements, so by the weekend she might be able to focus enough to do a sudoku puzzle.

My mum is here today (came yesterday morning, stayed overnight); she’s been a great help – thankyou Mum. J’s mum is coming down this weekend on the train, and since Club Wes is right atop Auchenflower railway station she’s going to meet us there.