+100 on teh AWSMscale .. until you follow the links and realise you’ve been conned

Have a look at the boilerplate text at the bottom of www.theclearpill.com:

... It is not our intention or desire for that matter that you use the information contained herein either on this site or on some site that you think is ours as if it were some kind of medical gospel truth. Don’t go diagnosing yourself based on it. Don’t think you can suddenly treat yourself just because you can tap out the http to some web site. If you have or think you have an actual medical condition then pick up the phone and call your own doctor. Only a qualified healthcare professional can tell you whether or not you should use any medicine or other treatment. Except for NZT that is. In the case of NZT, you know what your situation is and what you want your situation to be. Only a qualified healthcare professional can determine if a product described here (other than NZT that is) or on any of our other websites would be appropriate for you to use. Get real. Grow up. Stop reading the boilerplate. Only your qualified healthcare professional is in the best position to discuss with you the risks and diagnostic of any treatment (excluding NZT unless they’re already onboard).

That’s rather high on teh AWSMscale for a supposedly-pharmaceutical webpage.

At the bottom of the page is the text “This film is not yet rated” – rather strange to have this on a supposedly-pharmaceutical webpage, doncha think?

Now have a look at www.theclearpill.com/ask.html, specifically this bit down the bottom:

Your Medications

Write down any medications you currently take and show your doctor. The list should include prescription and nonprescription products or herbal products. Unless you are already taking a heavy duty NDRI, NaSSA or SSRI, there should not be any medication conflict issues. The simple truth is beginning a regimen of NZT will make any of those other medications unnecessary.

Claims that a pill will make any … other medications unnecessary get my hackles up. No, I’m not a pharmacologist, pharmacist, psychiatrist, physician or any other sort of health professional. HOWEVER! I do know enough to realise that text such as that above can be very dangerous.

There are several other parts of this site which make me very uncomfortable as well but then you get to the truly hilari-bad bit, the testimonials:

Due to claims being investigated by the FDA this page is currently unavailable.

So … scam? Spoof? Let’s turn to El GOOG to tell us. The first page of hits got me to this post which makes things rather more clear – it’s publicity for a new movie. So by writing this post, I’m contributing to their publicity. Booo. That means I’ve been conned.

So explaining the title of this post (“+100 on teh AWSMscale .. until you follow the links and realise you’ve been conned”) – if you’re desperate enough to think that a pill with these supposed benefits exists and that it might remove the need for any other heavy-duty mind-altering drugs, then you’re out of luck. If you’re thinking that you’ve come across an actual genuine pharmacological scam site, you’re also out of luck.

Rules for life: ALWAYS read the fine print. ALWAYS engage your critical thinking.