Family update: rushing, and a probably-good day

As foreshadowed yesterday, today is indeed a big day for A. He started it by stirring around 5am though quickly went back to sleep after I re-wrapped him. Then wonder of wonders, both C and A slept in until 0730! Eeeek!

So yes, it was a mad rush this morning, but not because I was disorganised.

They seemed fine when I dropped them off, I’ll find out for sure when I pick them up this afternoon.

J had another good night’s sleep – nearly 9 hours this time. She’s a little queasy this morning, but that might actually be due more to not having had enough breakfast than anything else. Only one piece of bacon? Darn those hospital dieticians for limiting caloric intake, it’s Un-A-Strayan! Seriously, I’m ecstatic that she’s not only been able to keep her breakfast down, but that she’s ravenous and wanting more of it.

Another really good data point – she frequently plays a sudoku in the evening before turning out the light and going to sleep. For the last 10 days or so she hasn’t been able to focus or concentrate on them. However, this morning she was able to get through almost all of a game and only stopped because the effort tired her out. She didn’t feel nauseous and her eyesight didn’t play up on her either.

I’m marking today as probably-good. Still not quite at the “I’m having a genuinely good day” point that the neurologist wants her to be at before she’s released, but she is definitely getting closer to it.