Darktable 1.0.1 package (preliminary) available

A few hours ago I noticed that Jo posted Darktable v1.0.1, so I’ve spun up a package to match.

You’ll recall from this post that you need some pre-requisite packages.

One thing I’ll note as now working (in the very limited test I tried) with Solaris 11 is the tethered shooting mode. I plugged my Canon EOS 400D in, and not only did darktable detect it, I was able to shoot with it directly. No need to futz around with /etc/driver_aliases at all!

NOTE: I’ve called this only a preliminary package because the authoritive Solaris 11 repos which I use are off the air this weekend – power maintenance work or somesuch happening on that campus. Running the bits directly is working fine. I’ll post an update on my Tuesday after everything is back up regarding whether I need to respin that package or not.

For now, please enjoy!