Darktable 1.0.3 IPS package available

UPDATED (see below)

It turns out that Jo was a little hasty (or perhaps overworked and underslept), so the 1.0.1 source wasn’t actually what should have been called 1.0.1.

We now have 1.0.3 in the “really, truly actually released” state, source for which you can find on sourceforge.net.

I’ve got the corresponding IPS package available at my usual location. Pre-requisite packages are still as noted here.

Enjoy (I certainly am!).


To match Jo’s mistake with the source tarball, I got my packaging wrong – too tired when I packaged the bits and forgot to make sure I had a clean space to pull into the package from. The correct version is still here, if you grabbed it before 11:23 on 30 April 2012 Australia/Queensland time, then you’ve got a bad copy which will break in darkroom mode – and it won’t have the darktable icon in the top left of the window. The correct package PSTAMP is ``pkg://JMCP/darktable/darktable@1.0.3,1.0.3:20120430T105615Z``. I apologise for the screwup.