We’ve had better days

J had a less good day today; dizziness was more evident, needed the anti-nausea drug to get out of bed, and just felt generally flat. It was really really good to see her this arvo, and it reinforced for me that she will have to get significantly better before we can expect the neurologist to release her. I think it might be another week before she’s home.

On the positive side, however, she did feel good enough with her eyesight to ask me to bring in her laptop. Club Wes does have wifi in the rooms, but of course her room is too far from the AP to get an signal, and our vodafail 3g dongle couldn’t get any signal either. She might compose some blog posts for later.

I, on the hand, had a horrendous day. After getting some flow timehacking on a proof of concept with Darktable, I slept until 1am when A decided that he should be awake and screaming. I tried pretty much everything I could think of, including panadol, but he didn’t stop screaming until about 0420 and was asleep enough for me to put him back in his cot 5 minutes later. Then we all woke up at about 0720. After getting the kids some breakfast I rang E+T; T came over shortly thereafter so I could crash. The next thing I knew it was 10am, T had given the kids morning tea, played with them, got them dressed and told me he was taking them back to their place for cousin H’s birthday party so I could have some more recovery time. I crashed out again, waking just before 12 and still feeling like I’d been thumped in the head a few times.

T and E: thankyou so very, very much. I’m not sure I could have lasted through this morning without your help.

After voting in the council elections, I went around to E+T’s place to collect the kids and have some chillout time. T had managed to get A to sleep, but only after driving him around in their car for about 30 minutes first. C had a grand time, playing really well with her cousins and the other kids at the party, then just enjoying herself playing with her cousins and some different toys for a while. A, having woken up, was back to his grizzly self and wasn’t happy until he was able to munch on an arrowroot bikkie and my bowl of 2minute noodles. He reached for my coffee, too, and was a bit disappointed to be told no.

A note about yesterday: C again had a great time at daycare; she’s got the same carer as the last time she was there, and while the center has had serious staff turnover in the last 12 months the staff who she interacted with are the same. A… well, he was bitterly disappointed at the rain and having to stay inside all day. They did manage to get him to sleep a bit longer (45-50 minutes) than Thursday, though when I came to collect them (3ish) they’d popped in an emergency dummy and I could hear him screaming from the door to the toddler room. I know he’s got to get used to going to daycare, but it’d be a darned sight easier if he knew mum was at home at the end of the day.

E mentioned to me that A really hadn’t wanted to play inside at all, but wanted to be outside on their deck. I noticed a week or so ago that if I go to the front or back doors to unlock and go outside (plant watering, or coffee cherry picking mostly), he has this shiver of delight – his face lights up and he races over to the door. I see a pattern forming!

After leaving E+T’s we went to KMart at Mt Ommaney to get some winter clothes since we discovered almost all the winter kit we had from last year (or handmedowns from friends) didn’t fit. Then it was off to Club Wes to see J. When we walked into her room, A squealed with delight (and probably a bit of relief) and immediately started struggling to get out of the stroller. Pretty clear what’s happening in his mind right now.

I’m still knackered from this morning’s screaminess, and I’m hoping that he’ll sleep through. Heck, we both need him to do that. I’ve rugged him up, he’s got a full tummy, had a nice warm bath with C and I’ve got my fingers crossed.